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The mission of Oil Lady Aromatherapy® is to improve the quality of life by enhancing the human understanding of our sacred relationships with our self, each other, and the earth. Our way to encourage this reverence for life in all things is to bring the benefits of our essential oils and education into people’s lives around the world.

Our pure essential oils are gathered from around the world and are of the highest quality to insure their medicinal properties. We use no synthetic fragrances. Made of the highest quality ingredients our formulas include base ingredients such as Organic Golden Jojoba, aloe and vegetable glycerin.

We offer you the benefits of these wonderful products to assist you in creating a continual increase in your total sense of well being. They are for external use and are a profound part of any wellness program. Don't leave home without them!

Be gentle with yourself ... life is precious.

Aromatherapy for Caregivers 

The Good Medicine Tin®
Skin Care

Our signature formula and # 1 product for over 25 years!
OLA Massage Blends
Use massage blends for Professional and Self-massage
Experience the Good Medicine of the top five pure essential oils. Learn how to make palm blends for stomach aches, headaches, colds and flu, stress relief, a good night's sleep, pure joy and so much more. These oils can be used in several ways, such as inhalation, compresses, baths, and massage.
All Blends contain pure therapeutic-grade essential oils in our proprietary base of Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil and Organic Golden Jojoba. They have the ability to relieve stress and support a healthy immune system. Use blends for face & body massage, bath oils & after shower oils. These blends are the results of 25  years of Candace's Aromatherapy studies and practice.
Our OLA Gels contain only high-grade pure essential oils in our proprietary base of Organic Golden Jojoba and aloe. The past 25 years of this gel base formula have proven to be our most popular products. Each formula was created for a specific person with a specific need, and then over the years each gel formula has continued to do many more things for many more people.

About Our Aromatherapy Products
Our focus is on true Aromatherapy which is defined as the therapeutic use of genuine, therepuetic essential oils.  Our oils are highly concentrated volatile liquids that are extracted from some part of a plant or tree, such as flowers, leaves, fruits, stems, bark, seeds and wood.  We use only the highest quality of pure essential oils that are gathered from around the world. They are GC & MS tested to be pesticide free, and many of them are organic, wild crafted or naturally farmed. 
The Oil Lady® Rejuvenation Signature Formula of over 24 years ...
Our proprietary formula of genuinely exquisite pure essential oils gathered from around the world from nature's places where the plant or tree thrives the most: Sandalwood of India (Santalum album), Patchouli of Indonesia (Pogostemon cablin), Frankincense of Somalia (Boswellia carteri), Geranium of Madagascar (Pelargonium roseum) & Rose otto of Bulgaria (Rosa damascena). Our Master Blend of this proprietary formula is available separately or in a gift set. 

What people say about The Oil Lady® Rejuvenation Formula ...

"I have to admit, I’m addicted to the aroma of your Rejuvenation formula. My husband loves it too, and now uses the gel and sometimes the oil, as his favorite aftershave."   From Florida

"Your rejuvenation gel truly helps me sleep restfully with all the challenges we face in the world today!  You have touched my life and I have never even met you."   From Indiana

"The aroma of your Rejuvenation Formula soothes my anxiety and helps me go to sleep at night."   From California

"I must tell you about the loving energy I truly felt when I opened my box of goodies you wrapped so nicely.  I felt this wonderful sense of peace, love and healing energy.  My crown chakra was tingling! I know you make your wonderful products with lots of love, so that is what I felt."   From Michigan