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  1. Lavender Fields of England
    Lavender Fields of England
  2. Candace at Rose Distiller in Cyprus
    Candace at Rose Distiller in Cyprus
  3. Distillation of Lavender in England
    Distillation of Lavender in England

About Our Aromatherapy Products

All of our essential oil blends are formulas that have been developed through Candace Newman’s MAT, LMT, Aromatherapy practice since 1992. They were each created for a client for a specific reason, and have passed the test of time. It is because of their efficacy and thus the demand, that they are now available for purchase.
Our focus is on true Aromtherapy which is defined as the therapeutic use of genuine, pure essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated volatile liquids that are extracted from some part of a plant or tree, such as flowers, leaves, fruits, stems, bark, seeds and wood. It is necessary to use high quality pure essential oils in order to benefit from their pure unadulterated aromas and the medicinal properties of the liquid. Essential oils are not water soluble. They are lipid soluble. Thus our formulas are blended in base ingredients making them safe for skin application.

We use only the highest quality of pure essential oils that are gathered from around the world. It is necessary to go to the place in the world where that particular plant or tree grows the happiest and healthiest. Then expert pickers and distillers are important. All these precious oils come to us with their Latin botanical name, type of extraction, plant part and country of origin. They are GC & MS tested to be pesticide free, and many of them are organic, wild crafted or naturally farmed. Many pure essential oils come from countries that do not have "organic" classification. These pure oils are the only kind we provide for you. They are formulated in various high quality base ingredients such as: Organic Golden Jojoba, Aloe gel and juice, and vegetable glycerin. 

Since the beginning of time, mankind has relied on essential oils to assist through times of transition, celebrate the joys of life, and safeguard our overall sense of well being. Naturally antibacterial and antiviral, pure essential oils also help protect our physical health. Their profound aromas soothe mental and emotional stress and provide us with comfort.
We offer you the benefits of these wonderful products to assist in increasing one’s total sense of well being.